No stopping to fill up with smelly gas, with all of the convience of charging at home!

On this site, I go over the conversion of a 1984 Pontiac Fiero SE into an Electric Car (EV). I also go into details on is usage, performance and data. I have data files, videos, and pictures of just about everything on this car. If you new to EVs I have a Questions and Answers page that covers a lot of stuff and most people find this helpful.


New Paint Job
New Paint Job

I started a Journal of things I have done to the car, I will try to keep it up to date with whats going on with the car

I finished repainting the battery racks and engine compartment (Sep 2008), these updates can be seen on the Cleanup Project Page.

Looking for other updates, look at the latest Misc Info.

If nothing else to do, look through the Photo Album of the conversion.

Two new pages added to this site is the Performance Page and the Videos Page. Check them out as they contain some great info and details.

The quick Specs, I can consistantly do 45 Miles Per Charge (on 7 year old batteries) driving anywheres from 45 to 60 MPH. The Fiero was tested to have 50 HP to the rear wheels with its electric motor. Check out the performance and videos pages to see this. There is also our local EV club "North Texas Electric Auto Association" that you can check out and see some great local DFW EVs. I also have an EV Album on my car that has a lot of detailed specs about the car. Don't forget about my YouTube site, which I post my videos to.

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