Suspension & Brakes
Due to the weight of the batteries (1320 lbs), the suspension was needing a little help to get the car to ride at the same height. This was accomplished by installing spring over shocks with a large increase in the spring rate for the additional weight. This meant throwing away the entire front suspension arms and replacing them with tubular, powder coated arms that would allow the spring over shock to be fitted. This photo shows the replaced suspension but still has the original brake rotors and calipers. Since stopping power of even the stock Fiero is only so-so, the next upgrade was.....
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The Old Brakes in the Front
Larger vented rotors and calipers. The rotors are off a Pontiac 6000, the calipers are off of a Chevy S10 4x4 and the spindles and caliper ears are custom made. The upgrade increases the caliper piston size from 1 15/16 to 2 1/2 inch as well as dissipates heat better using the vented rotor. A high volume master cylinder replaced the original so that the pedal doesn't go to the floor when braking. This parking brake is the factory parking brake on the rear. (a definite must when you can't just leave it in engine braking!)
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The New Brakes in the Front
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