The Guages
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The Plug In Behind the Fuel Door
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The Old Fiero Dash
The car is driven in a conventional manner using the clutch and shifting gears as it was originally designed. The top right hand picture shows the new dash with functioning tach and the additional electric gauges. The three gauges, left to right, are a volt meter showing current battery pack voltage, an amp meter showing instant amperage and an e-meter which is a BMS that shows the current status of the battery pack. (how much energy has been removed from it) The main breaker for the electricity is located on the drivers side of the center hump. The main difference between the electric and the internal combustion version of this car is that the start position of the ignition switch now does nothing and the fuel gauge is always indicating empty (the fuel tank is no longer in the car). The photo top left shows the twist lock plug used to fill it up.

A new "Guage" would be the Palm Pilot III, it displays the eMeter data so that all data can be seen all at once instead of looking directly at the eMeter and only seeing one piece of data. Plus the Palm displays this information in a larger screen so it is easier to see. I have a video of it on the "Misc Info" page.
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The Fuse Breaker
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