Performance - So how does it perform?
Monthly Mileage Data
I will keep track of my mileage and recharge power to see how it averages over the course of a year. My power cost per Kwh is $0.124375 and all Kwh's are measured from a Kill-A-Watt meter.

Month Mileage Power (Kwh) Power Cost Wh/Mile Cents/Mile MPG *
Aug 08 379.5 147.00 $18.28 387.35 0.0478 94.61
Sep 08 236.0 96.00 $11.94 406.78 0.0488 90.09
Oct 08 331.5 122.23 $15.20 368.71 0.0480 99.39
Nov 08 384.1 155.00 $19.28 403.54 0.0501 90.82
Dec 08 507.1 232.00 $28.86 457.50 0.0569 80.11
Jan 09 380.7 118.00 $14.68 309.96 0.0386 118.24
Feb 09 167.8 108.00 $13.43 643.62 0.080 56.94
Mar 09 122.9 60.23 $7.49 490.07 0.060 74.79
Apr 09 224.1 115.00 $14.30 513.16 0.064 71.42
May 09 235.6 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Jun 09 266.3 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Jul 09 157.7 95.3 11.85 604.31 0.075 60.64
Avg 289.14 124.88 $15.53 458.50 0.0569 83.71

In the middle of May my Kill-A-Watt meter died on me so I lost my May data of power useage. I replaced my meter at the very end of June so I am able to track that data again.

* This Miles Per Gallon figure works out the equivalent mpg by simply dividing the amount of energy in a gallon of gasoline (36,650 Wh) by my monthly Wh/Mile figures. Being that its based on true energy equivelance, this number truely represents a physical miles per gallon calculation.

For January's increase, thats because of the automatic timer I started using. I was over charging by a lot and it shows because of the decrease.

For Feburary's decrease, thats because one of my desulfators fried at the end of January and trying to overcharge the batteries to bring them back to life. But it didnt work and those batteries are dragging down the pack.

For the continued decrease, I don't know. I've taken the desulfators off and tried Power Cheq's an my batteries still keep lowering down. I think the 7 year old batteries have just had it. Time for new batteries.

Accelerometer Performance Data on the Electric Fiero
This data is from using the program Dynolicious on the Apple Iphone. This test was starting in 2nd gear and hit WOT after 5 seconds (already doing 20 MPH). The transmission is the original trans and it is designed to be a economical trans so I didn't want to beat it into submittion or break any drive shafts. I was just shy of hitting 60 MPH. I was 2 MPH away from hitting it but I hit 57.2 MPH in 24.47 seconds (the 1/4 miles measurement) so figure the extra 3 more MPH would take a few more seconds so guessing 0 - 60 would be in 26 or 27 sec. I also remind everyone that this is at the wheel HP, not the flywheel HP like how most cars are rated.

The Extra info not in the display:
Passengers : 2 (approx 500 lbs)
Weight Used : 3900 (2 heavy passengers, so added extra weight)
Temp : 95 Degrees

Videos of this run can be found on the video page.

Basic Amp Draws while driving
This is the basic amps that I draw on level ground at a constant speed. Every car seems to be different and even with the same equipment in a different car pulls different amps. So this is interesting info just in general.

25 mph (2nd gear) is usually about 25 to 35 amps

35 mph (3rd gear) is usually about 40 to 55 amps

45 mph (3rd gear) is usually about 65 to 85 amps

55 mph (3rd gear) is usually about 100 to 110 amps

65 mph (4th gear) is usually about 125 to 135 amps

Drive Data from Emeter using EVDash

Easy Driving data!

I kept the data in a comma delimited text file format. So you will need to put it into your own excel type program to plot out the data. If I get enough requests from people not knowing how to do that, I could make one.

But about the drive. This drive was just myself through town from Murphy, TX to lower South West side of McKinney. Here is the google maps of the route. I had already driven to work and errands so I didn't start at 100 percent. I started at 70% for this drive. I drove the same way there and back to keep consistent (as could be) for hills and valleys. It was 14.5 miles each way, the max speed driven was 45 mph (which was probably 90% of the time). There was a total of about 16 stop lights, only light hills, mostly flat, and the traffic was mostly light to moderate during the construction area. I had one construction zone where it was stop and go traffic for about 1 miles. By the time I got home my emeter said I had 25% left in my batteries. Which means it took 45% to drive those 29 miles. I didn't think to look at my pack voltage, so all I got is the percent of charge left to go by. But the start of the file, it shows some where's between 122 to 124 volts and the end still shows some amps being used so probably mid teens (114 or 115). EVDash will skip data readouts if there isn't a .6 change in the volts or amps. So you won't see the data where I sat at the stop lights, just the drive data, maybe some coasting when the battery voltage jumps around a bit. My acceleration was pretty light, just glancing over the file I don't see many pulls over 150 amps (which would be typical), and it was light traffic so I could set my own pace. But according to this trip 45% got me 29 miles that's the equivalent to about 64 miles per charge. But remember flat terrain, setting my own pace and light take offs. I tell people 60 mile per charge because its a good safe number but I do get more than that on occasions :-), but the same thing I can also get less than that if I keep up with the Texas traffic a lot (200 to 250 amp acceleration).

But anyway's here is the file, I would suggest a line graph of the amps and volts so you can see the voltage sag under amperage draw. I might try a video of the basic screens in EVDash for you all to see. I see the lowest sag was down to 94 volts (which is really too low) and my highest amp draw was 183 amps. That reading was about 1/2 way where the biggest hill was and was probably accelerating up the hill, on the way back I probably got to coast down and back up on the return trip. Anyway's, check out the file of an easy drive, will do another recording of an interstate trip across town some time. Might even do a heavy acceleration just to show you all the comparison.

Text File of the "Easy Going Drive to McKinney"

See a video of the data screen of EVDash running on the Palm IIIc, this video can be seen on the video page of this website.

Interstate Driving data!

The below file was my wife and I leaving our place and going to the pet store and back to our place. This google maps link show you the path I took to see how much interstate driving it was. I averaged 60 MPH on the way there and I would say I averaged 55 MPH on the way back. The interstate is the hilliest road around me because the interstate goes over the main roads and back down. On the trip there the hills up were short and steep and on the back side going down they were long and steady back down. It was nice on the way there, accelerate to 65 and as I climb the hill, loose a little speed and not draw any more amps than level ground (or close to it) and gain that speed back on the downward hill side. But on the trip back, that meant I would have to hold my speed up the hill so I ended up using more juice on the return. I got more data this time, I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote down data. I looked on my GPS to see if it logged anything but it doesn't log anything, just a simple GPS. Once I got home from work I ate for 30 minutes and then wrote down the data (something else I didn't do on the first run). I waited so the batteries would balance before logging anything. Here is what I started with:

Start Of the Interstate Trip :
Percent : 83
Volts : 124
Ah : 20.6
Kwh : 1.32
Miles : 0

Once I arrived at the pet store, I let the car sit for 30 minute while I shopped around and let the batteries balance some and then I wrote down the data. Here is that data:

Destination Data :
Percent : 56
Volts : 122
Ah : 51.3
Kwh : 4.70
Miles : 16.6

On the drive home like I said earlier, now I have to climb the long steady hill so I pulled slightly more amps. I had one spots where I had to get in front of a semi when entering the interstate, that's when I hit 270 amps. He was too far behind for me to get behind him and so I just had to step on it to get in front of him. There was one other time of a high draw where I just wasn't paying attention when going up a hill. But here is the end data once I got home and let the car site for 30 minutes without plugging in, just sitting there:

Destination Data :
Percent : 24
Volts : 119
Ah : 86.7
Kwh : 8.27
Miles : 16.7

So here is the quick summary of the drive to and from the pet store down the interstate:

Summery Data:
Outside Temp : 97 degrees
Occupants : 2 people
Percent Used : 59% of my battery pack
Miles Driven : 33.3
Miles Per Charge : 56.4 (calculated from the percentage used)
Ah Used : 66.1
Kwh Used : 6.95
Watt Hour Per Mile : 208.7 Wh/m (Kwh X 1000 / Miles)

The watt hour per mile calculation doesn't take into consideration charging inefficencies. My charge is a dumb charger (K&W) so it doesn't ever really shut off, so even when charging is done, it is still float charging. So the Wh/m when calculating the Kwh's used from a Kill-a-watt meter shows about 380 Wh/m.

Text File of the "Interstate Drive"

Long Trip with recharge

Here was a long trip I took to downtown Dallas. I sat for a long time recharging while I was in dallas. The whole trip was 56 miles. Here is a google map of the trip. It was all interstate driving, except for the small leg to my house. I have all of the simular data above and will update this page when I find my notes (at the moment lost some wheres....)

The whole Text File of the "Interstate Drive"

This smaller section of the drive was the trip down to downtown dallas.
Trip from my place to downtown.

I sat and showed the car for 5 hours and then drove to the electronics store.
From Downtown to Electronics Store.

Then leaving the electronics store back to my place.
Trip back to my place.

Next Planned Run!

The next run I will see about taking the same trip twice. One with a heavy foot and the other easy driving. That could be runs compared side by side for same terrain just different driving habbits. I am open for other tests to perform, just send me an email and I will see about getting it run and recorded.
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