Although it doesn't seem like much, the choice of tire will make a big difference in performance and range on your EV. I was using Goodyear Invicta tires as they are a very low rolling resistance tire. You may or may not notice that the tread design is along the rolling line of the tire and at diagonals to the rolling line. There is very little rolling resistance in this direction. If the tire has a tread design that runs across the tire it will have better traction but the rolling resistance will be higher. I also choose the Invicta tire because it could safely carry the weight of the vehicle and it can be run at 44 psi. Unfortunetly Good Year no longer makes this tire, when I replaced the tires, new research was done to find the next best replacement. What I got was Yokohama HHR 200 tires, not as good as the Invictas, they were a decent choice for the money.
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The Goodyear Invicta tires
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